Via Saraceno, 74 FERRARA
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Boulevard delle Terme
Abano Terme - fifth prize
An analysis of the urban area surrounding the project has led us to observe how the dominant commercial activities may be placed in the existing promenade of Via delle Terme near Piazza della Repubblica. Our proposal consists in proposing a continuation of this walk-path and keep it in proper safety for pedestrians throughout its length and giving you the chance to connect all the commercial activities to the new avenue design. A central green boulevard divides Viale delle Terme in two car lines with one way directions. The boulevard becomes the new promenade creating a ''green lung'' that through ''arteries'' connect all the business activity through the street. Is created a promenade with irregular section marked by horizontal strips which are walk connections to the shops and in the mainwhile are deceleration points for cars. A double long bench in marble built with prefabricated elements goes to circumscribe the pedestrian area.