Victor Maurtua 140 Of. 401 San Isidro - Lima27
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Casa Paracas
Paracas, Ica. Peru
Located in the desert coast of the Paracas bay, the perspective taken for the design of this house is a closed volume that extends along the total length of the plot. The main objective is to create a strong element of protection against the strong winds distinctive of this location. Through its path the volume expands, turns and embraces a wide space in the open where all pathways are united around the swimming pool, terraces and landscape. Protected by a huge exposed concrete mass, these spaces enjoy the strong sunlight throughout the whole year. The building ┬┤s aesthetics comes as a result of the special concern with its relation with the environment where it is located. Shapes, materials and colors seek to dialogue with textures and tones of the desert. These characteristics that respond to the environment contrasts with the dynamic and strong language proposed; which define openings, access areas and windows, finishing unifying th