Skt. Hans Gade 24 E
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HUMLEBÆK - finalist
Architects: NATHAN ROMERO ARKITEKTER, ARCHTECT LARS MYRHØJ, SEJT by SOFIE ELKJÆR JENSEN / How can we incorporate nature into architecture, not as a part of a generic “program” but as experience intimately related to life? Nature can be a daily call, reminding us of a timeless knowledge. A call to rediscover what it has always been there and yet appears different everyday: the sea, the horizon, the trees, the clouds. The design of a new neighborhood in Humlebæk must listen to the earth that holds it, must insist in incorporating new parameters other than economy, mobility..etc. Turning our eyes into the foundational values of nature should be done without nostalgia: we do know now that good cities can make us free, complete. In this new addition to Humlebæk we have a unique opportunity to combine both worlds, nature and the city.