Skt. Hans Gade 24 E
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Esbjerg Beach Promenade
ESBJERG - first prize
Architects: Nathan Romero Muelas (Nathan Romero Arkitekter) & Sofie Willems (Spektrum Arkitekter) / The promenade Promenade’s boardwalk returns the beach to Hjerting. A beach that had always been separated by a low retaining wooden wall and a rock protection barrier is now in a very natural way made accessible. The deck of the promenade rests on top of the rocks and becomes the perfect occasion. The occasion for social interaction, exercise and play, but also for contemplation: a seven hundred meter long easy chair from which to reencounter the horizon. Within the promenade we explore the archetypical possibilities of the encounter sea-firm land. The bay, the peninsula or pier, the island .This constitutes the “infrastructural frame” of the project, with elements like the floating pier, the ocean pool, the sailing club and the promenade itself.