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Guadalajara, Mexico - first prize
The relevance of the Guadalajara historic quarter determined the main design principles. The natural organization of the “Lluvia de oro” -typical tree of the region- translates to an tectonic order based on a structural frame from which the rooms hang. Three volumetric interventions generate the monumentality found on the surroundings. A cube is affected on its Z axis to form the inner courtyard, in relation to the sky. By subtracting on the X axis, a shaded gallery of urban scale appears. The intervention on the Y axis defines the main entrance linking outside and inside. Furthermore, this modelling of the mass regains the classical proportions of base, body, crowning. The void is a recurring condition at an urban level. The plazas that surround the cathedral nearby configure a cross. This configuration is rescued and reworked to the point that the void determines the formal quality of the proposal.