Lima, Peru
project image
Chiclayo 862
Lima, Peru - first prize
This is a Project where we were our own clients. We bought the land, put the project together, search for financing, built it and sold it. The terrible noise from Lima’s streets and vertiginous process of densification that the city has gone through over the last few years makes it important to work flexible ways in order to control privacy. The project resumes in its façade the properties of Lima’s traditional colonial balcony to control the visual record, the sunlight, ventilation and noise coming from the street. These celosias – like a giant retable – may open completely and reveal how each user relates with interior and exterior. The façade uses color differentiating the doors of each apartment with a particular green tone in a way that through the open and close of the celosias one compensates – at least chromatically – the lack of trees in our gray city.