Lima, Peru
project image
Nazca City
Huarmey, Peru
Artist Rodrigo Derteano robotized a quad equipped with a GPS and a plow that allow it to autonomously make grooves in the desert… like the ones from the Nazca Lines. If those ancient figures depicting plants and animals represented in the desert that civilization’s cosmogony, which figure should properly represent ours? Undoubtedly, our most complex and sophisticated creation: THE CITY. We proposed Latin-American 300 city-blocks. In a desert plateau 300km N. of Lima, the robot drew – in real scale and orientation – the city centers of the 10 biggest Latin-American cities. A collage in an irregular surface of 3 x 1.5 km. where from Plaza de Mayo (Buenos Aires) we could go north through Reconquista (Buenos Aires) to Paseo Huerfanos (Santiago) and reach Plaza de Armas (Santiago). If we move north we could decide straight to Belo Horizonte, or turn east to Sao Paulo. Or why not turn west to arrive to Lima… Project collaboration to Rodrigo