Via Saraceno, 74 FERRARA
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Palazzo Bevilacqua - Ferrara
The project concerns exclusively in a bathroom design into an apartment. The apartment is located inside a fifteenth-century building by Biagio Rossetti architect. The new arrangement sees the separation of the single compartment into two spaces. The first compartment is made by an intimate area where are placed the sinks and the furniture. A second compartment, more intimate, are placed toilet and bidet biside the bath and the shower which can be reached by a step. The bathroom furniture are by the Flaminia company, while the tap is Bossini company. The wall facing the sinks and shower was made ​​entirely by pigmented cement colored in blue. The floor is entirely made ​​of aged oak. A careful search of enlightenment, with lighting designed by Peter Zumthor, bringing out a completely design furniture made in MDF black.