Via Saraceno, 74 FERRARA
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BEEH DESIGN CONTES - third prize
Surrealism, lightness, plasticity and versatility are the elements that characterize the Pilastro lamp. A compression device allows the lamp to be placed between the floor and the ceiling, conferring it a fluctuating aspect. To install Pillar you need to handle the central body with both hands, place the bottom part of the device on the floor and push it downward. The structure will lower enough to allow you to insert it in vertical position between the floor and the ceiling. With a simple gesture of compression of the shaft positioned inside of the cloth you can easily move the lamp. By rotating the steel ring set in the lower part of the lamp, the cylindrical shape molt in a double inverted cone. Increasing and decreasing the brightness, changing the shape and the color of the cloth allow you to transform the lamp, creating in anytime a new design objects according to your desires.