morizgasse 8/9
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Vienna - invited
The architect’s office heri&salli from Vienna/Austria designed in an apartment of a private building owner a bathroom where mutually alternating fragmentary mirror surfaces and lighting fixtures form a conglomerate like a jigsaw puzzle of an image and a reflection. Sections of the room are more indicated momentarily than carried through. Man nowadays renews almost at will the outer appearance of his body or in other words of the parts of his body. From a superficial point of view it’s possible to say that a human being consists more of fragments than a grown entity. The perfection we get from the human body is an accumulation of esthetically idealized sequences. The original body serves only to hold together these sequences or fragments-thus the body becomes more and more an intermediary space that’s not visible…the interface of our surfaces that cover the human being. In an affine way we fragment the body standing in front of it by the mirror images (reflections) and in the same way this body is illuminated and put on the scene. Different moments of the body become visible when the user passes the mirrors. Behind it and surrounding it are located tools and utensils of hygiene and esthetic, which the user needs to prepare himself in the deepest space of privacy for the open space of public. And it’s exactly there where he meets once again the seemingly belonging together ideal image of a body…in the form of built up images of an unity simulated by us. The space as a reflection of the society we live within.