Torino|via saluzzo 49
project image
Roma - first prize
He is an attractor, an iconographic installation that reflects the very purpose for which the Yap program was created: the dissemination of innovation and the new. The express intention is to impress viewers using primarily the size, which in architecture has always been, beyond any qualitative assessment, a tool to represent and form the exceptional. The project takes shape in a single large mass that interacts with people and emerges, by the contrast, from the context in which it is hosted. A balloon that floats above MAXXI outdoor areas, and contains various spaces of relaxation. He has a large sensitive size. From the point of view of the spatial quality of a floating object, He frees the area from vertical structures leaving space for people, providing them with shadow and coolness. From a social aspect, the color, its slow movement, and the unusual use of water give a playful feature to the scene where He is located.