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In the world - second phase
Life is growing. Statistically we will have more then 9 billion human beings on our planet earth in 2050! all these people will need room to live and will use energy in an massive and extraordinary scale. it is time to think out of scale, it is time to develop ideas, to develop concepts to solve these problems and to find a solution for everyone and not at least for the whole planet. in the first phase we will introduce our concept in an abstraction of signs symbols with the aim of reality. in addition it will bring all needs together which are useful for every situation in every circumstance. this is the fusion and interflow that we are proposing and which takes consilience with the goals in futuretime. it can be used in the cities as parasites on top of the roofs, in open places, in demolished structures. on the countryside to complete existing structures or to develop a new colonisation with eco-friendliness.