Torino|via saluzzo 49
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The bank and the edge are important features of the Po Valley, as weel as the system of dams, the railway and the city walls. The project recognizes this system of tracks, and decline programs and spatial solutions, considering the walls and other elements of the system of levees/edges, as opportunities for identity and unity in Piacenza. At the architectural scale, these choices acquires meaning considering the spatial quality of the ditch as an essential feature of the traditional landscape near the city walls. This great void compensates and emphasizes the materiality of the walls. In the middle of the green parterre, an ocher-footpath unfurls like a precious ribbon and become a trait-d'union throughout the park along the walls. Walking through the green parterre behind the walls becomes a unique experience. Using a great variety of native herbaceous species, the park bring the surrounding landscape on the levee of the city.