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“To Live” is a verb generally used in its intransitive form. Occasionally it is used as a noun (eg. in housing) but basically is the word best represents the meaning of human life on our planet. According to L. Tesnière, a verb behaves like a chemical element by calling around him a certain number and type of elements, from which behavior the concept of "value". In the bivalent transitive form this verb carries a direct complement: we live (inhabit) the Earth, its places, its time and space. Today more than ever, since more than 50% of the world population lives in urban areas, we live the cities. The project proposal declines the verb “to Live” in a transitive way: to ethically live the city taking back its spaces, its timing and rhythm, according to seven statements: 1-Living the city on multiple levels. 2-Living the park. 3-Living the residence. 4-Living work places. 5-Living mobility time. 6-Economic sustainability. 7-Environmen