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NRK - Europan 11
Norrköping - mentioned
The project site is located on the edge of the urban sprawl of the city of Norrköping. The proposal makes this area a gate to the city, increases population density and creates new areas of services to the neighborhood and entire city. The project aims to activate the potential of the adjacent park with walking trails and new planning of territories and grounds. The urban plan combines global scale (macro) and local scale (human scale) with solutions to the large scale problematic of transport, tram and pedestrian, city-nature and connections to the district of Vilbergen. The project interacts with the existing green surroundings, merging the two green zones along the Gamla Övägen. Working like a zipper, permitting pedestrian crossing, the project creates a unique park which converses with the forrest surrounding the project area. The permeability of the ground in the project area doesn’t change.