Ferrara, Italy
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Domus Vitae | New Morgue and Facilities Complex
Ferrara (Fe) - first prize
A large green area, included between scenes and architectural settings, regenerates the suggestion of the wonderful "Delizie" of The Este, reading one of the urban issues perhaps more intimately rooted into the mental image that people keep of their city. The historic Ferrara walled garden, from a territory of separation and exclusion, evolves into a social space to meet, collective urban carpet. The new architectural body is a continuous but porous body: balconies, porches, patios, terraces, overhangs and suspended volumes capture, tame or magnify natural light, creating spaces for which the air quality is a decisive added value. Spaces for the wake, away from the hermetic character of the Western tradition, yet perfectly protected from any introspection, are here conceived as rooms of light: an entire wall of glass opens their interiors to beautiful and exclusive secret patios.