Torino|via saluzzo 49
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Disgiunzione Verticale
Milan - first prize
An invitation to scratch the sky inevitably stimulates reflections on the relationship between the city and the tower, especially on the sustainability of the program of this typology that is, in any case, an intruder in the urban context. The tower represents the manifesto of a decadent modernity; an architecture that conveys values now comes into question. An undisputed icon of progress and economic development, the monolithic symbol of the power of Capitalism, the tower has already been designed following a program of logic and formalism. Starting from these assumptions we developed the idea of the Tower as an individual part of the city, independent of its context. The attempt to make proportional the quality and quantity of the program generates a fragmentation of this architectural type. The module that is obtained has the function of a container in which can be reprooped the programmatic variety of any urban area.