project image
QR path for Kernel Festival
Desio [MB] - first prize
The path is an opencast map, which may be extended to other parts of the city. The colour highlights it, recognizing its own identity and dispensing a service to the Festival. As for it, the Festival gives up elements of own layout to the urban landscape: in this way, the necessity to give aesthetic values to the communications, the information or the relationship, can follow the natural course of the contemporary. Our intervention is cheap, easy and temporary. It models itself to the urban conformation. The painting of the paving can be made by paintbrush, roller or spray. The QR-codes are printed on vinyl supports stuck on paving. The project of a “graphic dress” for the city sums up the message that the places have to dialogue with the events. Furnishing the street with the colour we transform the dimensions for the benefit of the language and the communication.