Viale Druso 231, Bolzano, Italy
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Castelrotto (BZ)
The concept evolves around the disciplines of architecture, interior design, objects and textiles. It turns parts of the interior onto the outside and the outside inwards. It aims to iuxtapose the user of the building with its surroundings and helps to establish an intense dialogue with its environment. Clothing seen as a „tool in transition“ along the its simultaneous dedication to the house and the user. The clothing is not, however, seen as a trend, which satisfies contemporary needs of the user, but aims to create space between fashion, authenticity and tradition. The collaboration with fashion designer Philipp Pezzei and Moessmer Tuchfabrik from Brunico/Italy results in the creation of a first object for the Messner House, an object we call „Pippo“. Starting as a dress, being transformed into a hammock, chair, bag, lamp, jewel...