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Day One
Parc + spaces of production in Oslo
From almost an icon for garbage’s production and waste, as a former waste disposal site, the new meaning and image of the future Grønmo park will be the path, through recycling, to dematerialisation and production of ideas. This visionary approach has the opportunity to become a reality today, since information technologies allow to work and produce out of very few means, generating almost no waste. Here, the topography and landscape are merged with the recycling and learning facilities and with areas dedicated to new kinds of work and performance. Grønmo park will provide general infrastructures and shared facilities which are the basic needs for these kinds of work and become a social tool for cultural production and knowledge exchange. At the same time its venues and exhibitions will be, mainly, produced within the park. The premise is a landscape which is not only a scenography, but a new topography working as a service platform.