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Pimp my (ikea) Chair
“Transformer” exhibition, Opos-2006
To transform, customise, distinguish, make over..., to "pimp"! The "DiVersi Twins" (the hosts of the television programme "Pimp my Wheels" – an unsuccessful imitation of the American format "Pimp my Ride") could not forego it, but we were certainly no better! Pimp my (Ikea) Chair is a kit of components (2 front legs, 1 crosspiece footrest, 2 rear feet, 1 pennant, stickers) that allows you to "pimp" (decorate in an exaggerated manner – in the US and not only, it is a very trendy thing!) a common Ikea chair; in this case we are dealing with the "Ivar" chair, to make it a perfect "low-rider" style chair.