via Perugino 26, 20135 Milan
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FLORENCE_2003 - invited
I envision the hotel as a tree, whose far-reaching branches extend across the world, but with roots firmly embedded in its native soil. Una Hotel Vittoria was established in Florence, perhaps the most fertile terrain in history for the flourishing of the arts, with the idea of capturing the Renaissance spirit of the city in a large communal home away from home, to provide a functional and inspirational stopping place for people from all walks of life, in its 84 rooms. And each of these 84 rooms has a different historical figure pictured on the door, each one a generous and courteous host with a story to tell the passing guest, for a more human and meaningful approach to the sacred rite of sleep. At the entrance, a captivating vortex of floral mosaics turns into a reception desk, while the bar counter circles in upon itself, creating receptive spiral forms where opportunities for contact abound.