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trazos no claustro
Lugo - special prize
Francesco Garofalo, Marcos J. Rodriguez/// The cloister and the building preserved intact its artistic and historical values. Our proposal is based on the assumption of respect for the cloister keeping its mistic atmosphere. We add a new historical layer to the site: a contemporary layer. This is accented by shape, texture and material, but still delicate, without proposing a new specific function, it creates a flexible space for new uses. The signs in the soil - light and subtle as the leaves of the walnut tree located in the cloister - become small changes of level, useful as informal spaces to sit. These signs are organized in a fluid composition, which has its starting point in the access point to the cloister. Space becomes flexible for different uses, for which we suggest a cultural-traditional relationship with museum activity as well as city holidays. When the architecture turns down at night, lighting wi