Ferrara, Italy
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Three-Patio Housing | Urban Eco-Housing
Quarto Inferiore (Bo) - invited
A large green central space, smooth and uninterrupted, works like an articulated backbone plant which engages all buildings. A public space where people can weave evocatively neighborly relations, play or simply unwind. Each residential unit has a sunny garden, a private space outdoors exposed to the midday sun and framed by close-light wooden gardens relevance that mediate the relationship between the domestic sphere of housing and public park. The houses will be equipped with three private open spaces (patios) with different permeability, a closed central patio, similar to a open room, onto which are all the main spaces of the house (kitchen, living room, distributions, rooms bed), a semi-enclosed patio communicating with the kitchen, an open patio directly facing the garden and exposed to the solar park. Walls, gardens, hedges and paths capture the beauty of landscape and deliver it into the large central protected park.