Ferrara, Italy
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Happy Garbage | Trash Box
Ferrara (Fe)
Happy Garbage is a box for garbage entirely made of wood. A simple retractable steel wheels system allows it free movement within the silent spaces in which it is housed, lifting it slightly off the floor and thereby giving it the appearance of a fluctuating object, a kind of toy in motion. The material, shaped so as to reach zero-thickness edges, is lacquered in colors freely customizable by choice. The interior, protected by a cover for which a narrow slit serves as a handle and slot ventilation, is equiped with a particular steel hooks system for suspending the plastic bags that store the waste, preventing their contact with the internal wooden surfaces, preserved however by a thin waterproof film. The sheer volume of Happy Garbage, once coverless, can be used as an open storage or library-cart, when closed, as a small coffee table furniture.