Ferrara, Italy
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Grand Square | Secondary School
Berlingo (Bs)
A system of elementary volumes defines an L-shaped floor plan, simple and rigorous, protecting a wide green court intended only to students. On the south-east, the "grand square" connected by a charming open-air promenade to the pre-existing school complex just to the south (the gently sloping road undercutting the existing street just links to the current path that distributes outdoor playing fields), distributes the entrance to the school auditorium and car parks. From the square, turning his eyes toward each of the four cardinal points, you can appreciate every time a different horizon: to the north rural fields of Brescia farms, to the south the consolidated urban core, to the east the articulated masses of the nearby urban areas and to the west, like a sort of environmental protention, the profile of an artificial new secondary school.