Ferrara, Italy
project image
Panorama Resort | Charme Hotel & Spa
Cortina D'Ampezzo (Bl) - second prize
An elaborate group of buildings, "hidden" in the jump of a steeply sloping mountain, home to one special area dedicated to health, silence and contemplation of the extraordinary alpine landscape. Wood, stone and concrete surround visitors by protecting them against road noise, and framing for them on every corner, the magnificent view of the Dolomites. The project defines a compositional system at different architectural and functional densities, in order to obtain increasing levels of privacy protection and isolation moving away from the public dimension of the road. The charming complex redraws the boundaries of tourism strategies related to the mountain, focusing on the definition of new sensory experiences to give the customer: the warmth of the space, experience the taste, the cult of memory, the search for wealth and the spectacle of nature build a frame for your unforgettable stay.