Ferrara, Italy
project image
Melting Pop | Housing and Public Spaces
Erice (Tp) - finalist
Europan 9 | Reduced to a minimal visual impact are public, semi public and private soils, domestic spaces and lucrative business trades wind between eachother following an articulated system of pathways. Terraced gardens, suspended in mid-air, produce an emotional design of the historical town. Beautiful peaceful places, surprise, light and darkness. Floating spaces for contemplation, at the surprise of a glance to the beauty of nature. Articulating the area according to an unedited and strict topography, shaping unexpected and interesting orographical happenings giving old habits new ones, the project shows an unconventional urban image, replacing the common ideals of massive density, the right to develop the “shocking” impression of an almost vergin land, to unveil with attention. A tridimentional system where horizontal levels, slanting surfaces and excavations form panoramic ledges.