Ferrara, Italy
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Horizon | Sports House
Villadose (Ro)
The site, a regular rectangle set almost completely facing south, is one of the extreme northern foothills of the urban plot, a kind of blank card between town and country, between buildings and fields. In it, time has sedimented a radical orography, with no accent whatsoever, giving the viewer the inestimable spectacle of horizon. Taking up the substantial flatness of the countryside, the building pushes the extreme tension of the horizontal ground, materializing itself in an object that seems to lie down gently on the ground nearly to disappear. Rising for only four yards over the share of the country, the architectural body averts the risk of "Overrange" definitely moving away from traditional characterization density of sports facilities: no large object will deny the people the view of the horizon, a sort of "thin" and laminar construction will get the appearance of a body permeable and penetrable to the eye.