Ferrara, Italy
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The Secret Garden | Municipal Cemetery
Tavazzano con Villavesco (Lo) - first prize
The expansion of the municipal cemetery in Tavazzano con Villavesco experiences with a novel link between funerary architecture and landscape. As an alternative to the traditional urban and densified cemeteries, the unconventional proposal draws a picture of the sacred space, a place of scarcity, a kind of intense and emotional memorial garden. Stone, brick and concrete push the design vocabulary to the terms of physical permanence. Vacuum, paradoxically, wins the battle of space. Five gardens, each of a different color tone depending on trees, shrubs and flowers planted, give the individual meditation and reflection colors and scents of beautiful flowers during through all seasons of the year. Nature and artifice blend harmoniously, building the suggestion of an ancient land. Buildings, simple and rigorous, derive their beauty from having anything unnecessary.