Ferrara, Italy
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The Court Of The Trees | Primary School
Cenate Sotto (Bg) - first prize
Careful to address the delicate relations of cohabitation especially with the near cemetery, the architecture of the school chooses the path of simplicity, rejecting any unnecessary formal presentation, and set up in a relationship of dependence and exchange rather than assertion. The building, which is generated by the composition of elementary volumes made of exposed brick and white plaster, shows massive fronts to the road; architectural language, deliberately discreet and essential, builds the old suggestion of a "defensive" building on which to base a compact and seemingly impenetrable is in charge of contact with the urban land. With a substantial inversion operation, the project builds on the court of the trees fronts through transparent surfaces and glass walls that give all the main spaces of the school (classrooms, halls, common areas, dining hall and gym) the direct view of the garden and hills beyond.