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Zhoujiajian Cliff Park China
Zhoujiajian Island,Zhoushan
The new strategic masterplan for the natural mountain area in Zhoushan, Zhoujiajian, is one of our most important design development in China. The main idea was to put the HEAVEN ON EARTH. We focus on the star system planetarium, in order to put the constellations on the land. The highest point, as symbol of the polar star, becomes a night sky observation point, with cinemas, restaurants and other facilities. The challenge has been how to translate the constellation system into a design that could be nice but most of all could be built. Every punctual development has been translated into one constellation, where the stars were the buildings and the lines were the paths, so that at the end every development had its own name. The edge of the island, all around, is the most interesting area, commonly not used except by some fshermen. The nature of the edge is a large cliff area, very interesting from a biological and functional point of view. The recover of this area to a new touristic function has become our frst scope of design. New stone pedestrian paths, well integrated with the existing cliff, and small totally natural corners, become the lines for people, so that everybody could use this new area, previously denied to the people.