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Wuhan Oct Park Landscape and Clubhouse
WuHan, China
East lake since ancient times moistens along the coast of the life, the natural growth, civilization which intrade, also for development of the species and update bring vigor. Our green space, relying on the north shore in east lake, is both city and nature of the transition between space, also for ecological sustainable development provides the soil. Our design began from the wings of the imagination of the creative, as nature bring breeze brings transitory ripples in the lake, kiss like the distant city building, aroused waves, bring natural in the dance of life. The green water, the wilderness as continuous throughout the entire base, the green space landscape series on space, will open and close regularly, walking king vary. Will a kilometers long with green space is divided into four sequence, east side by static landscape experience area, the earth art experience area, sports center building to dynamic sound scene experience area a major axis, and combining with the landscape by slow runway, bicycle lanes, skating way a waterfront chronic movement space, make the space of the binhu experience.