Largo S.Agostino 35,Salerno,IT-Shenzhen,CHINA
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Longkou Nanshan West Coast Artificial Archipelago
ShanDong, China - second prize
In collaboration with Centola & Associati. Shandong Longkou artificial island is a modern sea port-based and high-end equipment manufacturing industry gathering area, which is an important part of the city and a blue Peninsula Economic Zone features industrial city. The island is a Undertake District Japanese and Korean industrial transfer and Longkou Port hinterland of industrial structure, It is the city's industries to high-end extension to provide a platform and as an important communication node connecting with the Northeast Asia For the Bohai Sea. It will be a core competitiveness of the new modern industrial area with starting point, large, powerful, long-term growth potential. For ecological needs of the people-oriented living and development needs of the island city's industrial manufacturing, we focus on Happy City engine and Intelligence Castle city to express our concept.