Largo S.Agostino 35,Salerno,IT-Shenzhen,CHINA
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Longgang water group refurbishment
Architectural design concept Concepts from water, in order to fit building itself the characteristics of the water group, the design concept of the concept, architecture as if the overflow for a container, water after full along the building metope formed the mechanism of the overflow out metope and features, the key to building, the combination of the group of water over a LOGO color uniform style, form the modern industrial building group. Landscape design concept Landscape concept with "water" as the theme, to show the water filtration purification water cycle of the nature of the work and principle, make a con-cise and easy have modern style of water landscape. Thus forming a unique art form in the "water scene dominoes", show the water group work style, the composition of the whole water scene and railings are the trace of water flow and texture, the whole of the group of water landscape in unceasing to people interpret the characteristics of the water, and architecture style each other echo, which together form the unique modern water scene.