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Hainan Sanya Fenghuangdao Island Landscape
Hainan Island
Phoenix Island is the core of the Sanya Bay “Sunshine Coast" in Sanya city, a filling out artificial island in the sea reefs. Phoenix Islands comprehensive development goal is to become the whole of China's leading luxury resorts, in Sanya City, Hainan Province; theme position is "wonders of the sea, a paradise on earth." Business Club which we cooperate with the MAD Architects is one of seven Phoenix Islands including a super-star hotel (including hotels and international conference center), the international health resort, Business Club, marine style commercial street, the International Yacht Club, the Olympic theme parks and Phoenix Island International Cruise Port. Business Resort Villa comparable to New York Manhattan Long Island Sea View Villa.Landscape design enhances the overall quality of the Phoenix Island, Concepts relate to health, business, leisure and vacation. And Give a re-interpretation to the nature of the ultimate luxury to enjoy of Phoenix Islands.