1170 Wien, Veronikagasse 12/3
project image
Pedestrian area Vienna 1sr district
Vienna - special prize
„Go with the Flow“ indicates the dynamic of movement of people and therefore was chosen as project title for the competition for a new design of the pedestrian area in the centre of Vienna. The design makes these movements visible and also orients at the closest surrounding. The new pattern reacts to intersections with bending outward, recedes in front of important public buildings and creates subtle as well as specific division between places, streets and whereabouts. Six islands are integrated in the pattern, resting places framed by benches which remind of stones in a river. The stone pattern flows through the pedestrian area and divides up towards the Stephansdom and Graben, the Viennas widest Boulevard. Extensibility is one of the patterns basic features and enables adaptability to urbanistic changes.