1170 Wien, Veronikagasse 12/3
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LT 1 - Business center
St.Pölten, Lower Austria - invited
The corporate building of the new office and business centre LT1 is an elegant, flexible and emblematic architectural landmark in the city of St.Poelten. The surrounding urban building-development as well as a new interpretation of the former Linzer Tor mark the main reference points of the conception of the building. The partly roofed forecourt becomes through its integration in an existing promenade an important urban element and mediator between different traffic- connections. Via the main entrance, one accesses a light-flooded, 4 story high foyer, which acts as the main access point to all levels, offering a spacious staircase and a glass elevator. A maximum in flexibility, combined with a single access hall for all levels, enables a division in small office spaces, as well as large scale offices, with a maximum of space efficiency.