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Russia Organic City
The platform of “Russia-Organic city” symbolizes the cultural and historical origins of Russia in a way that shows the relationship between the future and the past, between the sacred and the profane. Towers have always been a much loved feature of Russian architecture skyscrapers such as Kremlin, Lomonosov University and hotel Ucrainia where built with pointed tops, or inflated vertical turrets which gave an exotic air to the buildings associated with the Russian upper middle classes (the “Litejnij prospekt” or the “Petrogradskaja Storona”). These turrets had different uses they could house private chapels or simply be used as additional rooms in houses of the well-to-do. Starting from this analysis, is born the concept of a new city which is a fusion of historical and futuristic vision of Russia. The Organic-city will be an ecological city with residences and services for 10.000 inhabitants