Josefstädter Straße 74, 1080 Vienna
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steirischer herbst
Graz - first prize
Bricolage + ecological = bricological The „Forum Stadtpark“ isn’t quite a blind spot in the city of Graz. On the contrary, it is a well-known and omnipresent space within the cultural life of the city, in terms of being an institution as well as a real building. Each year the “steirischer herbst” (styrian autumn) is arriving in the town and is moving in here in 2010. The very core of our proposal lies in a quite common and simple element – the euro-palett. This re-usable and recyclable pawned object is infinitely available, cheap and has great potential – if applied in a wily and virtuosic way. The building material is only leased and afterwards can be brought to its original purpose of use.