Kranzgasse 18/5B, 1150 Vienna, Austria
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Askim Museum
Askim / Norway
The site given is located on sloped terrain, slightly elevated from the nearby city center. It is connected through a single road which terminates at a derelict quarry. We propose this derelict quarry as alternative building grounds rather than the original site, as the existing topographical changes and the resulting voids within the hillside lend themselves almost ideally for the museum’s functional spaces: All primary museum spaces are proposed to be located within existing chasm while the appending library and administration spaces are envisioned to be situated on top of the exhibition spaces. The enveloping surface of these programs is in large areas walkable and serves two main purposes: Firstly it consolidates the different figures into one cohesive composition and secondly it merges the surrounding natural landscape with the synthetic roof ‘landscape’ of the museum.