Neubaugasse 10/4
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Austrian Pavilion - Shanghai Expo 2010
Shanghai - China - first prize
The main driving force behind the design of the Austrian Pavilion for the expo in Shanghai 2010 can be described as acoustic forces, or more accurately as music. Music as a concept that reflects continuity as architectural articulation which seamlessly connects the various spaces within the program. The embodiment of the sonic conditions within the space manifest the architecture of the pavilion. The space unfurls from within the topological body, from the main space, the audience chamber, to the exterior epidermis. This process creates pockets, pochés that include the rest of the program such as shop, restaurant, office, and the VIP area. Each one of those programmatic areas includes qualities co notated with the quality of living within austrian conurbations: music, culture, culinary expertise, urban textures, opulent landscapes and lavish foliages.