morizgasse 8/9
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Exhibition design – Gallery Aedes East
Berlin - invited
We were asked to develop the overall design of the “AustriArchitektur”exhibition, an exhibition about young Austrian architects in the Gallery Aedes East in Berlin. The point of departure for our reflections was the architectural position of the seven different participants, who should present themselves individually and yet within a higher unity. We therefore wanted to work with the the term and idea of “unity” – both in its appearance and in a certain originality as a metaphor in order to understand the different positions. We faced this task by drawing on different unities such as an egg as the place of organic origin, the geometric affinity of a sphere, or a nest; all of which can include the origin of different possibilities and positions at the limits of the entirety. The main elements of the design and the appearence are 300 metres of steel forming a spatial scaffold and 2000 metres of tubes surrounding and connecting it.