morizgasse 8/9
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real landscape – real mistakes
Salzburg - invited
For an art project in Bischofshofen (Salzburg – Austria) – six artists, or to be precise, architects had been invited to make their contribution to the theme “Real Landscape”, pre-set by the initiators – we (heri&salli) also had been requested for a contribution. The initiators’ basic idea was to develop objects on this theme along a path – on the one hand through the asphalt centre of the town, on the other through the adjoining forest. To formulate this theme in a kind of directness, or better clarity, holds the foundations of failure to a certain extend. Hence, our project was called “Real Mistakes – Existences of Strangeness”. It consisted in connecting the remaining objects on the theme, lining up next to each other along the four kilometre path, with a zebra crossing – thus, a four kilometre zebra crossing.