Johannesburg, South Africa
project image
Provicial Government Office Complex
Bhisho, South Africa - first prize
The Eastern Cape is a landscape of dramatic mountains, wide open plains, stretching coastline and strong traditions. This landscape has inspired the project design in a way that celebrates the cultural and natural environment. The “line” between building and the landscape is blurred, permeable such that it reflects a transparency in government institutions. An expansive courtyard stretches the entire length of building axis and has been developed as space for cultural expression, arts and crafts. Burrowing down and exposing layers of earth and history, these spaces will be used for cultural events and ceremonies – unearthing the past and showcasing the rise from darkness into the light. The natural veld types of the surrounding regions are represented in a linear botanical garden. Rich species diversity in the landscape becomes a vignette vignette representation of the broader landscape.