1O Halkidonos st,14671,Athens, Greece
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Energy Zero Luxury Tourist Settlement
Halkidiki, Greece - first prize
The settlement is consisted of 300 lightweight wooden suites and twin beds located on 150 acres site, which is characterized as ‘NATURA’ due to the existing underwater meadows of the algae ‘Posidonia Oceania’. Highlighting the existence of this underwater park was an important part of the concept. The master plan makes reference to the form of the seaweed by organizing the units on free flow paths rather than a grid, while the design of the units relate to the diversity of the species and organisms that grow around the algae.The design of the settlement provides an alternative way of staying, a new camping typology with outdoor bathing, communal cooking spaces and organic farming, while at the same time it provides the luxuries and the amenities of a contemporary hotel.