Lykavittou 16, 10673 Athens, Greece
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Athens, Grece - invited
Drip juxtaposes the organic and the inorganic as upward and downward flows in time, triggered by atmosphere and gravity in a 2.5x2.5m vertical garden. Drip consists in a large volume of salt held 3m above a planter. 9 cables stretch in between. As water drips over the planter through special orifices, salt crystallizes downward forming 9 stalactites over the planter. Creeper plants grow upward from the planter. Stalactites and plants bond together in time. Drip keeps transforming under the refracted light of the suspended salt-volume. It works like an urban hourglass, changing in time, physically and locally responding to a global phenomenon, aiming to redefine climate change as a hybrid, transitory stage also known as “Salt of the Earth.”