Lykavittou 16, 10673 Athens, Greece
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Kavala, Greece - first prize
The Redesign and Revitalization of the Kapnergati Square Area and its Network of Pedestrian Walkways is currently under design development. It is defined in 3 parts: the urban square, an urban park and a public garden. These are connected by walkways and planting. The project uses a process of quarry excavation to create places of encounter - an urban stage, a garden, catwalk-pavilions - through clear and crossing zones of movement, rest, wandering and play. A rigid, polyline geometry generates situations of watching and being watched. Public furniture is moulded out of the squares' quarries; lighting is embedded in their sections; the geometry of important buildings are reflected in the ground plan; ecosystem clusters are created through partially hidden irrigation systems. DRIFTING CITY in collaboration with POLYXENI MANTZOU and DIMITRA RIZA