1O Halkidonos st,14671,Athens, Greece
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Volano Residence
Sanrorini, Greece
The country residence is located on a seaside property at Coloumbo; an area named after its underwater volcano. The intention of the architectural scheme was the redefinition of the typological characteristics of the vernacular architecture of the island and the incorporation of the traditional elements into a modern vocabulary. Over the years, the thick volcanic layers of lava have attributed to the area a sense of decay that is reflected on both the grey hues and the the environment.Although the skin of the building appears as a cloth torn by the force of natural elements, the shape and size of the openings of each room has been carefully determined through the sustainability study. The apparently narrow, long and irregular form of the building was an end result of the shape of the site and the intention to provide for vistas towards the sea and the horizon from as man