1O Halkidonos st,14671,Athens, Greece
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Vessels of Rememberance
Taiwan - finalist
The proposed memorial is indented to serve as a space of both shared and individual mourning. Visitors are detached from the sights and sounds of the city and park, as they descent into the memorial space and immerse into a cool place for contemplation and rest. An organic irregular mesh of iron rods, echoing the disruption of both space and built order, veils the emerging space. As part of the memorial’s creation, victims’ families and friends are invited to place votives in memory of their lost loved ones; each votive created as an individual act of remembrance. The votives are placed in glass vessels hinged on metal bars that are clipped on the rods that form part of the metal veil. The votives are linked harmoniously with loose ties (hinges) allowing them to achieve delicate balance under the influence of natural elements and forces of wind and gravity.The names of the victims are curved in relief at the end of the metal rods.